We Move…next stop Athens

imageToday has been  day of transition. We’ve had a beautiful time discovering the sites, sounds, historical treasures and spiritual significance of Jerusalem.

We’re now on our way to Athens via Tel Aviv. One stop along the way was the Sorek Desalination Plant directly south of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean. This facility is the largest sea water reverse osmosis plant in the world providing 28% of the potable water for Israel’s municipalities. Their Business Development Manager, Yoav Menashe, was kind enough to give our group a presentation on his facilities capabilities and a thorough tour of their plant and incorporated technologies.


In 2014 Israel had its most historic drought in recorded history. Because the Sorek plant came online in 2013 this drought was not noticed by Israel’s population at large. The foresight of the country in planning, bidding out, building, and commissioning this facility within 3.5 years is tremendous and something we as Californians could certainly learn from, given our own drought issues.



Boarding the plane to Athens in 45 minutes we look forward to touching down in Greece and starting the journey anew there tomorrow.


Adam, Sal and Zach



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