Learning From Servant Leaders

We started the final full day of our journey boarding the Athens metro on our way to Alliance Relief, a Christian-based center for families that have migrated to Greece as refugees. Alliance Relief is an amazing demonstration of human compassion that touches people from many parts of the world, including the Middle East and Northern Africa.


The facility is a demonstration in servant leadership, being built through collaboration, love, and faith. While there, we met with staff of the facility that provided us with background of the services and struggles of Alliance Relief. In addition, we were introduced to volunteers at the facility who were former refugees.  Their stories broke our hearts, and allowed us a first-hand account of the difficulties a displaced person without country, home, and family faces.  Seeing their perseverance reminded us of the strength of the human spirit.  This incredible organization provides food, clothing, shoes, and living facilities to families who would otherwise be in completely inhospitable conditions.  We were honored to donate a contribution to these efforts.


We ended the day with a group synthesis to summarize the entire trip and what leadership lessons we take away. Furthermore, what we will continue to develop and practice in our own lives, personally and professionally.


We thank all of the donors to the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation for this tremendous opportunity and we thank Dr. Thomas and Dr. Flores for their planning, execution, and patience with our dynamic group.



Thank you,

Josh, Denise, Sarah, and Johnna



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